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Our Mission
To engage the full spectrum of the disability community to be an organized, visible and powerful constituency.
The Committee on Disability Power & Pride is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the District of Columbia. Contributions to the Committee on Disability Power & Pride are not deductible as charitable contributions.
The Committee on Disability Power & Pride
Every item bearing the Disability Power & Pride™ brand is manufactured, labeled, and processed in whole or in part by people with disabilities. Each purchase puts policy into action by directly increasing employment of people with disabilities. Whether you are a person with a disability or a family member, a friend, or supporter of people with disabilities, buying Disability Power & Pride is one concrete step toward uniting the disability community and realizing the potential power & pride of every American, including Americans with disabilities.
My Power and Pride Customer Service team is ready to assist you. Whether you have questions about your order, site navigation, or general product questions we are here to help.
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